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Running the test suite. To help detect issues and behaviour changes in Kivy, a set of unittests are provided. A good thing to do is to run them just after your Kivy …

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Урок посвящен установке дистрибутива Python, Anaconda, JetBrains PyCharm на Windows и Linux.

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Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard is the best way to download, set up and connect your Windows 10 IoT Core devices, all from your PC. Dashboard cannot be used used to setup the Raspberry Pi 3B+. If you have a 3B+ device, you must use the 3B+ technical preview.

Установка HomeBridge на Raspberry Pi 3

/15/2016Raspberry Pi - первый запуск Драйвера для флешки Raspberry Pi удаленный доступ Подключение I2C экрана к Arduino Комментарии

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Default login: pi / raspberry Загрузка Raspberry Pi с 16 Мб SD-карточки Однако, существует возможность использовать какую-нибудь старую SD-карточку размером всего 16 Мб.

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Hi all, I needed to install and setup Asterisk 13 and FreePBX 13 on Lubuntu 16. 04. 2 running on ARM based device called . I actually changed the procedure and thought it might worth to share it with anyone how like to install these versions on Ubuntu.

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— сайт вопросов и ответов для программистов. Присоединяйтесь!

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Is usual Android TV on Raspberry Pi 3 take more time to initialize? (not only for first run, if not all of them) yesterday , I installed the Android TV SO into it, without do partition, directly win32disk copy, and work properly, however the time to SO run was more than 5 minutes ( …

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Add the Mono repository to your system . The package repository hosts the packages you need, add it with the following commands. Note: the packages should work on newer Ubuntu v

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Grafana Feature overview, screenshots, videos, feature tours. The open platform for beautiful analytics and monitoring. No matter where your data is, or what kind of database it lives in, you can bring it together with Grafana.

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ISPmanager installation guide. From ISPWiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Category path: ISPmanager Business- Setup and configuration: This article walks you through the step you need to perform to install and update your ISPmanager panel.

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Firstly, according to the File System Hierarchy Standards, the location of this installed package should be /opt if it is a binary install and /usr/local if it's a from source install. . Pure binaries. These are ready to use binaries. Normally they just need to be extracted to be installed. A binary package is going to be easy:

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Продолжаем цикл статей на тему Kali Linux NetHunter. . NetHunter. В этой статье я расскажу как установить CyanogenMod 12. 1 и Kali Linux NetHunter на OnePlus One Kali Linux NetHunter предназначен для тестирования на проникновения с устройств под управлением Android.

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Настройка сети Raspberry Pi 3. Март 4, 2019. Настройка Raspberry Pi 3. Март 1, 2019. Установка PHPStorm в Ubuntu 18. 04. Февраль 27, 2019. Установка Netbeans в Ubuntu. Февраль 25, 2019. 8 причин использовать Ubuntu.